Heute gibt es ein kleines Special-Interview. Zu Gast ist Sanjit, seinerseits Youtuber und Raiders Content Creator. Sein Kanal, das „Las Vegas Raiders Network“ hat mittlerweile über 35.000 AbonnentInnen. Daneben betreibt Sanjit auch einen weiteren Kanal, der sich mit Einzelspieler-Analysen und Draft Scouting beschäftigt: der Channel heißt „The Football Scout“, dem über 26.000 Sportbegeisterte folgen. Ich habe mit Sanjit über seine Leidenschaft für Football und die Raiders gesprochen und sein Tagewerk näher beleuchtet. Das Interview fand auf Englisch statt und ist deshalb im Original abgedruckt.

Hello Sanjit and welcome to my interview series for my project LocoFootball. For those who don’t know you, can you sum up what you are doing and give our readers some personal information? What are your projects and how did you start them? How did your passion for the Raiders develop and can you give us some insights about your Raiders life? How long are you a Raiders fan? Do you go to the stadium and why did you start the side project The Football Scout?

Thank you for having me, I really appreciate it. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Sanjit T, and I cover the Las Vegas Raiders on Youtube, and most recently started a second channel called The Football Scout, where I break down NFL Coaches Film.

I became a fan about 20 years ago and what got me started on my journey of Youtube was watching guys like Brett Kollmann and saying why can’t I do that as well? I played football for 6 years, so I had a general background of the game, but about 2 years ago I started really getting into the deeper end of football and improving my knowledge and decided to go to scouting school.

As I started really developing a deeper knowledge of the game, it got me thinking maybe I should start a second channel where I only break down NFL tape of various teams, and that’s kind of how The Football Scout channel really started.

One of the interesting things about that channel is I had about 5K subscribers in March of 2022, and today it’s at almost 30K subscribers. It's actually on pace to surpass my main Raiders channel in the next few months, which is really exciting.

Can you give us some insights of your work? How is your typical week as a content creator? Are you in contact with other Raiders content creators, too? And what are the most difficult challenges you faced when starting?

My week as a content creator is definitely busy. I usually get up early and start planning my day regarding the content I want to produce for the day. One of the things I like to do is to really think about the title of my videos, thumbnail, and everything prior to hitting that record button. The most difficult part when I started creating content would be getting engagement. Getting that person to click your video but more then that, the main goal is to make sure people enjoy that video because that’s what ultimately has them coming back.

A provoking question for the start: Is there some beef with other Youtubers? It seems the Nation is not united when it comes to content creators. I see threads in Social Media that let me think: Are jealousy and resentment part of the business? What are your experiences and how you deal with critiques?

Most of us content creators, rather on youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, or even the guys with podcasts, are friends with each other. I think we are all pretty united.

I think the beef that you may be referring to is the raiders beat writers, and how they may not like some of the content creators. Although there are a few beat writers, that I personally am friends with, I have heard rumors, that some of the raiders beat writers have been upset that content creators are getting inside information before them.  Apparently they’ve felt like they put so much work into going to practice and covering the team in person, and they may not be getting that information first. I am not sure if this true though. 

In terms of dealing with critique, I don’t listen to it. Honestly, I haven't checked my notifications on twitter in like 3 years… (apoligies to you if you tag me in something, always DM me fyi) But anyways, there are always people who are going to dislike you no matter what. I always tell my fellow content creators who get hate sometimes on social media that you are doing something right for someone else to dislike you. Chances are that persons may be jealous of the success you are having, so you should always ignore it. That’s what I personally do.

Let’s slightly move the focus to what matters: Football. What are your takeaways from the Chiefs game and what do you expect from the Raiders after their Bye Week? If you should summarize the Raiders’ season, what are your biggest surprises and biggest disappointments?

I think the Raiders played a great game. It’s unfortunate we couldnt close the game out. We had the ball, and I wish we were able to get into range for Carlson, but we just couldnt get it done. 

I have been disappointed with pretty much our entire team at different points. Week 1 it was Derek Carr, week 2 Hunter Renfrow, week 3 Darren Waller, and so on.. We just havent had a complete game yet. 

I do like where this OL and secondary are headed. I think Patrick Graham is one of the best coaches in the NFL and as he gets 2 or 3 years to build his group of guys from a personal side, we are going to be dangerous. We already have one of the leagues best pass rushers, a good young core of guys in the secondary. It’s just a matter of time until we put more cap space into the defense and they start playing better.

Will the Raiders still make the Playoffs?

Yes, I think they will. I know the chances are low.. But the chances don’t take into account that our roster is a top 10 roster. Our offense specifically, is a top 3-4 offense from a roster perspective. We’ve also lost every game by 14 points combined. Considering that very few teams have the type of talent we have on offense, I think we are going to bounce back.

Let’s specifically look at our next opponent: The Houston Texans. What’s your outlook? Who do we have to care for and how can we beat them? What are their weaknesses?

The Texans are not that good. BUT, we cannot overlook there offensive line and rushing attack. The guys to watch are going to be LT Leremy Tunsil and LG Kenyon Green. Some people believe it is the best left side of the offensive line in the entire NFL. 

They also have a really good rookie running back. I think there weakness is at QB, which is why we should be able to win.

Josh McDaniels got criticized a lot for his 5 game tenure. First, he disconnected the Raiders from the running game, re-established it after several shitstorms, just to make a controversial decision again (2-Pt.Conversion). It seems he hasn’t found a clear way so far. Do you agree? Is he even on the hot seat? What do you like tactically and strategically and in which areas do you want him to improve?

I think people who critize Josh McDaniels are not looking at the entire picture. We’ve lost 4 games now, but in every single game, we’ve had the ball on offense with the ability to either score and win, or like in the Titans game, at least tie. And in every single game, we came up short. That’s not on Derek Carr specifically, but you can’t only blame Josh McDaniels when the quarterback is the most important aspect of any team. BUT, I’m not saying it’s on the QB necessarily, but I don’t like the narrative that McDaniels deserves all the blame here.

I know some people only look at stats, but the defense is clearly the best defense we’ve had since 2016. We are forcing TOs, getting stops, and making crucial plays when we need to. I think Josh McDaniels will eventually start winning. I dont think he’s on the hot seat. But I do think he needs to really think how hes going to move forward. Are we a run first, or a pass first team? Do we trust that Derek Carr can drop back 75% of snaps, or should we run more? McDaniels needs to figure that out, and I think he will.

What is your favorite player on the current team and all-time?

That is a hard question. I have so many players that I could say here, but one of my favorite guys from the past is BO Jackson.. The reason is he’s one of the most dynamic players ever, and we, unfortunately, didn’t get to see him for 10-15 years.. But can you imagine how great of a career he would have had? 5.4 YPA is pretty insane. LaDainian Tomlinson averaged 4.3 and Andrian Peterson 4.6.. 

Currently, I don’t want to say player x is my favorite. But I do want to give some credit as I speak to a lot of the current Raiders players, and Maxx Crosby needs to be recognized as a really good person. A lot of guys don’t care. But he does. So, shoutout to Maxx. 

Do you have a college football team that your heart beats for?

I don’t watch college football like that. The only reason I ever watch college football is to evaluate the college prospects. And you don’t get that with the broadcast stuff. So I am really only watching them on the all 22 coaches tape. If I had to say is there a team I like more than another.. I’d say it’s Alabama.

Speaking of college football, what is your opinion of our Rookie class?

The rookie class isn’t very good, minus Dylan Parham. But that is to be expected this early plus not having a first or second-round pick. I do think Dylan Parham is one of the best rookie guards in the NFL, probably right after Zion Johnson, Cole Strange and Kenyon Green - all first round OL. Next is probably Parham. I’d say he was a major steal. But besides that, I need to see the other guys develop. I do think Matthew Butler, Thayer Munford, and Zamir White have a lot of potential. I just need to see it realized.

And what are your top prospects for next years’ Draft?

It’s going to be a really deep class at QB. I think for the first time ever, QBs who have first round talent is going to fall because teams are pretty much not needing QBs. Like sure, there's a handful of teams, but youre not going to get rid of the Trey Lance or Mac Jones of the world to get another rookie. I think teams that are going to make the playoffs like the Packers and Rams, may just take a QB in the 20s.

What do you think of the recent developments regarding the NIL rule? Which impact does it have on CFB?

I am mixed on this. I like it for the players because they deserve the money. But, we are the point where the richest teams will now get the best players.

Can you give us insights on the Gameday? How do Raiders fans spend their time in Vegas? How is tailgaiting there and what are the biggest differences to Oakland? Do you think Vegas was a good decision? What was the impact on the hardcore fans and The Black Hole?

Can you tell us about away matches? Are Raiders fans welcome everywhere? What are the most interesting fanbases besides ours? And which is the most hardcore Raiders area in the US?

I’ll answer both of the above questions together. I have not been to a game in Vegas yet, but I been to a bunch in Oakland. There was nothing like going to a tailgate in Oakland. 

In terms of away matches, I know Raiders have fans everywhere in the world and in the US as well. So when we play against New York or Dallas, expect a lot of fans to show up.

Your prediction of the Raiders’ record?

I think the Raiders finish with 9 to 10 wins, and we are going to make the playoffs. But it’s going to start this week.

Anything you wanna tell my readers? Anything you want to add?

The Raiders have the greatest fanbase in the world. We represent the team well everywhere. And I think our creators and writers also do a great job. So besides myself, please get on social media and interact and support all of the other guys too!!! And definitely thank you for this interview, I really enjoyed it.

Thank you very much, Sanjit, for your time, I appreciate it. For me it was an interesting interview and a nice start to bring further Raider community related content. RaiderNation is versatile and the people have many interesting stories to share. Let’s hope for other interview partners in the future. Keep the Nation together and keep it real!

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